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Perfect combination to upgrade your production on next level

Feed converyor T10 - A constant feed of trimmer will increase the speed of trimming capacity. With GREEN PRO conveyor you are one step closer to automatization your trimming process.

Green pro automated cannabis production machines

Bucker - B10ST

Bucker - B10VA

Feed conveyor

Trimmer - T10VA

Trimmer - T10ST

Quality control


Cannabis machines capacity

QC converyor T10 - With this conveyor, you have easier control of trimming. This will increase the quality of the final product. It is long enough to accommodate two people if needed.

You need financing support for purchasing machines from us?

We are here to help you. Our financing model is made to help get the machines on the easier way with a friendly model with banks or interest directly over GREEN PRO.

There are a few conditions to getting a machine:

 strong liquidity

delivery time 3 months or less

35% advance payment, rest after delivery in 12 monthly rates

purchasing, not more than 5 machines.

not combinable with discounts or special offers

What is


We produce quality bucker and trimmer machines specialized in processing industrial cannabis and hemp. Clients can use our reputable machines for processing dry and wet materials.

We develop various machines to cater to the needs of an extensive range of growers of all sizes. Our German quality and innovative solutions will enable you to achieve exceptional processing results.


Choose between Professional and Medical range.


Trimmer 2 T10ST

Trimmer - T10ST

The brand-new trimmer machine for processing cannabis and hemp.

Our trimmers are built and designed to meet all the requirements of CE, and RoHS. It’s easily constructed and additional accessories can be added quickly, mainly the machine is very easy to clean.


Bucker B10ST

Bucker - B10st

We use for the GREEN PRO Bucker just the best components to reach the best result and output on market. With the combination of perfect construction work and mature development, customers can trust in our german quality machines.




Practical, excellent price-to-capacity ratio, and high-quality, this is how we can describe our dry trimmer D10 ST designed for processing dry flowers. With a simple design, the machine is very easy to use and has a large capacity. If you are a fan of dry flower trimming and you need a super finish with the D10 ST dry trimmer, then this is the right machine for you. 

Spare parts


Green Pro SHOP

Our spare parts are all adequate on stock and we ship your order out in max. 48 hours after placing your order. With our solid transport partners, we guarantee fast and secure delivery worldwide. Also, you can pay with all common payment options or order directly to your shop of trust.


Greenpro cannabis machine accessories


Upgrade your production to the next level with our accessories and come closer to automatization or customize your machine as you need it.


Schedule a demo for marijuana machines

Schedule the best date & time with us to explore our machines. Let us convince you of our german quality machines and new trimming solution made by GREEN PRO.

Who we are?

We are a highly specialized company that develops high-quality machines for processing industrial cannabis and hemp.



Is to create machines that will make it faster, easier and improve the quality of industrial cannabis and hemp processing. We are committed to producing high-quality standard machines that will help you to obtain the best results.

We have the ST and VA product lines that enable us to cover the needs of an extensive range of customers



We provide a full warranty of five years on the machines and ensure that the machine helps you obtain quality output and results.

You must fill in the form from the instructions for use page and send it to the given address.

Cannabis Trimmer Development


Combining knowledge and hard work, we have come up with innovative and practical solutions for GREEN PRO machines.

With a long period of development, where all the details were taken into account, we got the perfect machines that are characterized by reliability, long life, and quality workmanship.

friendly female helpline operator with headphones call centre


Support options that we can provide to you are Product Inquiry, Technical Support, Knowledge Base, Warranty Registration


Frequently Asked Questions

How to adjust the trimmer?

Variables that are important when adjusting the trimmer are tilt, airflow, and tumbler speed. It is not possible to say exactly the best option for adjustment because it depends on the condition of the plant and the desired results of processing. For example, if you have more leaves in the plant material that goes into the trimmer, you have to increase the fan speed, and this reduces the capacity a little.

How to adjust the bucker to achieve the best capacity?

It is necessary to find the best harmony between the speed of the rollers and the quality of removing the flower. The higher the speed of the rollers, the more the flower is broken into smaller pieces. To increase the capacity, two people can work on the machine, while the other two prepare the branches for the machine. With this way of using the machine, the best capacity is achieved.

Can leaves be trimmed with flowers?

With our trimmer, the complete plant material, leaf, and flower, go into the machine. You don’t have to remove the leaves after the bucking. This is thanks to the powerful fan and the new knives system.

Trimming the dry plant?

For the processing of dry flowers, it does not make sense to pay a lot of money for machines that process wet plants, because the capacity is significantly reduced when processing dry plant mass. For dry trimming, fig. characteristics, the size of the drum, and its number of revolutions. There, the plants are cultivated by hitting each other and the leaves fall off, knives and fans are not so important. Right machine for this using we can offer as well.

New knife system

With our new machine system where the knives do not contain a counter knife, we have increased the capacity for similar machine dimensions. In addition, we took care of cleaning and our knives are made of stainless steel. We have set new standards in terms of trimming machines and we are sure that others will follow us.

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