The machine is designed for large-scale producers, and one performs dry trimming.

trimmer for cannabis

About machine


This trimmer has been designed for growers looking for a high-quality finish trim with dry flowers. The large production volume you can achieve with this machine minimizes your production costs. With a simple design, the device is easy to operate and clean. 

With the control speed of the barrel and timer, you can set up perfect conditions for your flowers. By rotating the whole upper part of the machine, you can load and unload quickly and easily. With all features and simple design, the result of trimming is perfect.

cleaninginstant cleaning process

10 minutes

A plastic box that is easy to remove and clean, with a small gap between the structure and the box so that the plant material cannot fall into the environment. On both sides are drum openings with lids for easy handling. These can be removed in no time, so nothing stands in the way of quick cleaning.

trimmer inovation
trimmer ma


• Transparent lid on bought sides

• Timer, to set up the running time of the machine 

• Speed control

• Transparent bin for easy-follow fulfillment of the bid.

• Sharp plastic knives from food-grade plastic.

• Ergonomic stand for easy use.

• Easy to use, simple storage, and fast cleaning.

• Kief filter screen upgrade.

turn the machine into a pollen extractor 

(instant inovation level)

With a simple accessory in the form of a mesh barrel made of stainless steel with a fineness of 150 microns, you can easily turn the machine D10 ST into a pollen extractor. This simple add-on expands your use of one machine in just a few minutes. As it is made of stainless steel, it can be used many times and can be washed.

polen inovation
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